GA Links

This component is an easy way to add links to a page that are preformatted to send click tracking data to Google Analytics.

Learn more about innersource



<%= render "site/ga_link",
  classes: "btn-mktg-fluid btn-lg-invisible-mktg-fluid text-purple-mktg",
  bump_link: "true",
  text: "Learn more about innersource",
  url: "",
  ga_source: "Enterprise Collaboration Section"
Variable Description
classes Any classes that should be passed to the link. No need to include Bump-link here, as that’s covered by the next variable.
bump_link If set to true, this adds the octicon arrow to the link and animates it on hover.
text The text that appears in the link. Will also be passed to analytics.
url The URL the link should go to. Note that this only accepts actual URLs, not other Rails helpers (ex: <%= ent_contact_url %>).
ga_source The page/section source attribute you want passed to analytics.